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ChaosLife: Trans* Trip-Up

It needed to be said, since I’m tired of every conversation about our comic (on other sites) devolving into discussion of my crotch giblets.

Of course, that comes with the huge caveat that I am personally an open book, but that’s only when asked directly and within context (i.e., the subject of my crotch has been brought up, by us). Otherwise, it’s needlessly invasive, objectifying, and rarely comes from a place of genuine understanding. And that’s my liberal take on the subject. Imagine a trans* person who is as private as any other person or isn’t “out” or experiences dysphoria with their bodies.

This is a lesson lots of people need to learn: don’t be a Katie Couric.


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It’s not universally true, but so often by the time someone reaches a point in media, in business and in politics when they can wield influence they are so out of touch with the lives of ordinary people.

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Introducing our NEW “Queer as in Fuck You” collection!

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Love how literal this is and how you get a sense of the pain it takes




Love how literal this is and how you get a sense of the pain it takes

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Against Me! performing “True Trans Soul Rebel.”

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Anonymous said: Speaking a language invented by a cis person. Typing on a computer made and designed by a cis person. On a website made by a cis person. Everything we have today is due to cis people.







Like your transphobia

Anonymous should check the contributions of Lynn Conway to the modern computer

And here it is conveniently summarized in wiki form.

And a shorter summary not on wiki.

Another history.

Anon may also want to read up on Sophie Wilson, who helped pioneer home computers.

But mostly just read up on Lynn Conway. You wouldn’t have tumblr to anonymously mock transgender people with without her. You’d have to do it in person, like your grandfather did. And then you’d run the risk of getting a punch in the nose. Like your grandfather did.

Martine Aliana Rothblatt is another person to bring up given her role in helping to create the unified satellite network that runs much of our society today.

I’m just going to keep reblogging this post when new amazing and awesome trans people get added. ok? ok. 


Being trans

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Eine Midlife-Crisis, wirklich?

Midlife Crisis. Ich glaub ich hab wieder sowas. Oder auch Quarterlife…, Third… wie auch immer. Das ist nicht entscheidend. Es hat sich in den letzten Wochen entwickelt. Erst dachte ich es hängt mit dem Tod meines Großvaters zusammen. Und das war und ist nicht leicht. Aber es geht dabei doch um etwas ganz anderes.

Ebenfalls in den letzten Wochen hatte ich den „Grundstein“ für die letzten…

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